What I Did On My Summer Vacation


Seems like a million years ago but I left early Friday morn for Marquette and after a uneventful ride up got into town around noon. I was blessed with a early check in at the hotel, changed into riding clothes and off I went.

I decided to park at the race’s finish line and ride the course backwards like everyone does. Except nobody was there yet. I rode maybe 5 miles out, then back and saw maybe 6 people riding. Where was everybody? You would have thought I picked the wrong weekend for the race.


But I was up here to ride so I did. I hit the usual spots that I like on the “north” trails of Marquette. Very scenic. After about a two hour ride I returned to the race finish where I was parked and still no one around. Weird. So I headed back to the room and got cleaned up. Then headed back to town to get a bite to eat and as if out of nowhere just a hour later hundreds of bikes were now there. I guess I was just early. After some touring around Marquette I headed back to the room.

One of the cool things about Marquette is the port. Lots of big ships visit. The American Century was unloading coal and the Kaye Barker seemed to be unloading gravel? Not sure. But the big ships are all part of the Marquette experience.

I deemed Friday a good day and in the morn was going to drive over to the race start to watch.


Saturday race day was rainy, misty and just plain crappy. Mist and fog. I watched the start of the long race for the first time. Actually the shorter race has more bikes in it. After they blew out of town I was going to get back to the trail and get a ride in but it just was such a constant rain\mist\fog. All day. I was bored Saturday. After watching some people finish the race I headed back to my room, around 1pm, to maybe read a book or something. Then, around 3pm it looked to be a little bit dry and I acually kitted up to ride, but before I got to the trails it was a full on rain once again and that was pretty much the last chance. No riding at all Saturday which was pretty much a bummer for me. Cuz thats all I had to do up there. I again got a bite to eat (I did that a lot this weekend) and settled into the room and watched the Olympics.


Sunday was a better day. The sun was out. After checking out of the room I watched yet another ship leaving port and then headed to Marquette’s “south” trails. Sunday is the day after the race and ride day for hundreds. The trails were packed.


I had a great two hour ride Sunday. Trails there are pretty sandy and the rain only makes them faster. I was going to try a few of the advanced trails but thought better of it since I was alone. After some nice trail riding I loaded up and headed home. Again, an uneventful drive back. I was home by 3pm and hit the couch pretty much the rest of the day.

It was a shame that an entire day got washed out but the riding I did get in was very nice. On Sunday I did some new trails that I have never been on before and I didn’t get lost. And while my ride times could have been a lot more I’ll consider this weekend a success just based on the fact I got away for a few days.

Now, its back to work and try to catch up in the store which is kinda stressfull. But totally worthy it!


Wa da ya think?

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