Even More Solo

So yesterday one of my old employee’s stops in and tells me he is in town for the next 10 days. And could use a little work. Well then.


Just in time for Ore to Shore up in Marquette. And not only that, throwing in a few days when I get back from the U.P. Im leaving Friday morn for the race (to spectate) and getting back Sunday aft. And Im doing this solo. I dont mind. Plenty of riding to do up there and at my fitness level I ride alone anyway. Then, after I get back on Sunday, I leave again Monday morn for another few days with my wife. Destination unknown. Back on Wednesday.

So I will have 5 days off in a row. That has not happened for at least 5 years or longer and Im pretty excited. In Marquette I’ll get in a ride Fri, Sat and Sunday. Saturday I’ll drive over to Ishpeming where the long race starts from. I’ve only done the shorter race so I have never been there for that. And also on Friday I want to go there to ride the first 5 miles or so of the long course just to see it.

Marquette in the moonlight.

 I leave in two days and I have a ton of things to do to prep plus work ahead in the store. I might be here maybe 11 hours today but I dont mind. Along with game planning all the in store repairs I need to put some time in on my bike too. I still never charged it up and I must do so before I leave. A good cleaning and re greasing also.

Last nites group ride went well. Maybe 15 bikes. Now, Im not saying that Im training but I’ve been making sure I put in a solid hour on the bike without stopping and have been feeling better in that regards. Putting in a little deeper efforts on the climbs. Nothing crazy. Just riding the MTB a little bit harder. Although I forgot my Garmin and with no data its a ride that didnt really happen. I’ve been putting on my HR strap so you can say things are getting serious. This weekend in Marquette will be tough on a fat guy. Extended climbs that I always end up alone when doing. But all good for the fitness side of things. I look forward to it and at the same time dont.

As I mentioned, Im a little stressed to get the store in shape for me to leave as I’ve only known about this for a day now. But just like on the bike, if I put in a nice interval  here today and keep moving forward I can get it all done. I need to focus.

I’ll have my laptop with me this weekend and being solo will have time to hit up the social media. But not a lot. Im on vacation.


Wa da ya think?

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