More Solo

Saturday morn.

Another great weekend of riding. Saturday I had extra help in the store and since I had nowhere to go I just went somewhere myself. Another near 50 mile ride solo on almost the same route I used last Sunday. Almost 3 and 1\2 hours in the saddle. Awesome weather. And I felt a little better after than last week’s 50 miles. While Im no way near the fitness I was its still nice to make progress back in that direction. I noticed my hand did not hurt or go numb near as much as usual. Neck too. All this stuff comes back not with speed or intervals but with good old fashioned saddle time. I met up with some store acquaintances and they pulled me for about 15 minutes which does not sound like much but helped a ton.

Got back to the store around noon and hung out for about a hour to make sure all was well then I was home by 1pm and had planned to cut the grass but decided that if I had the day off then I was going to take the day off for real. So I too a just hung out on the deck and had a few beverages. I might of dozed off a little but maybe not. Then headed into town later and treated myself to a nice dinner that ended with ice cream. All solo. A very nice and relaxing day.

Sunday I did head back to work as I felt the day off put me behind in the store but that was not the case. But I did get most of my ordering done and only spent about two hours there, then grabbed the MTB (fatbike) and hit the woods a spell. And once again solo. I had the earbuds in playing loud so if you called out to me I was not being a jackass, I could not hear you. I didnt plan on going hard but I did want to put in a solid hour of no stops. I gatta race coming up in two weeks. Or should I say a paid ride in the woods. Even tho I am retired from racing I still can go back for one or two a year just to say hi to old friends. It will be a good time Im sure.

Today was another beautiful morning. As it turned out, I had a couple for rental bikes to pick up in the very same park I visit in the morning. That was super convenient. Today I took what I thought was a picture of that boat crossing the sun water and I pushed the wrong button on the camera and got that video. After over a year with that camera I still dont know what it all does. I did notice the lines thru the sun water that were there last Friday were gone. Maybe bigger waves. The waves were going left to right and last Friday it was right to left. Its crazy how that changes.

Sometimes pickup and delivery is not so out of the way.

The weather looks good for Tuesdays MTB group ride tomorrow nite. Another ride to look forward to. And I won’t be solo. At least not all the time. Even if I get dropped I know how to short cut and get back on.  Sometimes I’ll figure out hot to pull right back in front of them. Always good for a laugh.

Talk to ya Wednesday.


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