Friday Morn


Every morn when the sun is out I like to watch the lake glimmer in the sun. Very twinkly. But take a look at two very distinctive lines of calm water thru it. The one farther out went for as far as I could see. The closer on not so far, maybe a couple hundred yards. I would have to assume thats from a sand bar. Whatever it is it was very noticeable.

It’s Friday and time for the weekend. Originally, I had this weekend pegged to be gone and I still might. Not sure. I have extra help this weekend in the store and I always hate to waste it. But really I have nothing to do. It’s too hot for a bike tour. I thought about a trip up to Marquette but Im holding out for next weekend during the race. Which is a long shot but a chance I must take. If I can’t that weekend I do have more to come as the store slows down and I can leave easier in the months to come.


Saw this guy way out there. Its a  Tug pushing a barge. Again, using these smaller guys to deliver in smaller ports. Most likely Manitowoc as it was headed north, but not sure as the info was not on the radar this morn.

At the very least I can take a longer ride in the morning as I dont need to be here to open. I did 48 miles last Sunday, Maybe this will be the morning to hit 50. If not Saturday then Sunday for sure. Or maybe a road trip with the MTB on Sunday. I’ll figure it out later I guess.

Either way its a bike ride and the weather this weekend looks very nice. Get outside.


Wa da ya think?

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