Charge It.


Last nites MTB ride was nice. Maybe 10 showed up. A bit on the warm side but it was nice to pedal around the local park. I do get bored a bit out there but its a 5 minute drive from my house so super convenient. Whenever I ride home from the store (on a bike) I always ride thru the park. Even on my road bike I’ll hit the woods but take it easy. I nice way to go home.

I like the wheel\tire combo I have now. Let’s call it 27.5 super plus. Again, putting a fat bike tire on a narrower rim is nothing new to me. I’ve been doing that since 2012. But I like it. You have a fat tire bike thats a little easier on my back but the narrow rim shapes the tire differently and makes it feel a little more MTBish. Im gonna race it here in two weeks in the fat bike category. That should be hilarious to watch.

Lets talk a bit about Shimano’s Di2. I’ve had it on my road bikes since 2012. And last February had XTR on my Farley. I’ve never had any real issues with it ever. A couple of times I was messing with it and forgot to plug in a shifter or two but no failures.


Here’s my current quiver. Both Di2.Both hydro disk brake. Can you guess where the batteries are in each bike without reading further?

When road Di2 came out the battery was mounted under the bottom bracket, next to the bottom of the chainring. Then, Dura Ace Di2 came out with the battery sitting in the seatpost. Much nicer.

Today its in none of those places. As for the Domane SLR, the down tube has a plate you can remove under one of the bottle cages and you can put the battery in there. Right alongside where the “B” junction goes to split the wires to the derailers. In the past you would always have to remove the crank to reach up into the downtube to get at the “B”. Now is a couple screws to get at that and the battery. Very nice.

As for the Farely, the battery is now in the steer tube of the fork. And I use a Shimano stem and bar that allow all internal routing. With only one derailer I do not need a “B” junction and have the battery plugged into the “A” junction  under the stem. I then use one super long wire from the “A” all the way back to the rear derailer. Super clean and easy.

What got me thinking of this is the fact that I have not charged up the bikes since the initial build. For the fatbike that was a week before the Birkie in late February. That makes it 5 months now. And I pretty much rode it weekly except for spring when it was too muddy. As for the Domane, I got that guy in mid April and have not touched it yet.

When I first got Di2 the two questions I got the most was 1) How often does it need charginging? And 2) what happenes if the battery goes dead?

I dont get those questions much anymore with this system pretty much mainstream now. The Ultegra is pretty darn cheap now compared to a few years ago and now new  XT Di2 is much cheaper than XTR and will most likely be on my next MTB build.

That all said, Im going to charge up both bikes today.Just because.

Also, question two, what happenes if the battery goes dead. It really can’t. When it gets too low the front derailer stops working and sits on the small ring but gives you a ton of shifting left on the rear to get home. As for the XTR one by? I guess I dont know. But pretty sure I won’t ever find out. I’ll charge it today and will sell it in a month or so….


Wa da ya think?

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