Flying Solo


Calm lake this morning. Its cool but still so damn humid. While I was driving to the park along the lake this morn I saw an Osprey hovering over the water so I jumped out of the car (after I stopped it) and ran over to the shore hoping to get a pic. The second the camera was exposed to outside the car it fogged over. No pics. This was the second time I saw a Osprey fishing along the lake. Ironically I have not seen a eagle for months, but they are for sure still around.

Saturday morn before work I had a uneventful ride. 20 miles as usual. But Sunday I opened the store and as soon as the other employees arrived I took off on a solo ride. I had no idea what I was going to do and was just going to see how I felt.

I took my iPod along. I usually never use earbuds on the street anymore and this was the first time this summer I did so. Turns out I can ride a lot longer when Im distracted.

Good thing I had a gravel bike.

 I even found a little gravel for my Domane. With the tunes playing in my ear I hit the local bike path (safer) and headed south with a slight tailwind. Before I knew it I was in the next county, headed east a bit, then flipped it and headed back home. It was a very nice day out and there were a ton of people on their bikes.

Rest and eat.

After taking a nice break for food and drink I started back for home. I did notice something on this ride. It’s a good thing to eat a little when riding. As dumb as that sounds to say out loud I am terrible at eating and drinking while riding. And as dumb as it sounds I almost never eat any energy on the bike. Almost always riding on a empty or near empty stomach.

Sunday I stopped twice to eat. First time have a package of Honey Stinger Energy chews. After 20 mins or so I felt so much better and noticed I was riding along at 20mph rather comfortably. The second time I had a Bonk Breaker bar on my way home. The energy rush was not as noticeable but it got me home just fine.

All said and done I got 1 mile short of 50 on the ride. And felt pretty good.I mean, better than I thought I was going to feel. I was pretty tired and a bit sore the rest of the day but it was a good sore. Muscle sore.

This was the longest road ride of the summer if you dont count the bike tour a few weeks back. I averaged almost 15mph the entire way which is pretty good for me solo. Had I been with others I could have done 17mph just as well. Although the route was about as flat as it gets. I did manage 1000 feet tho. Not sure where that came from but Mr Garmin doesn’t lie.

So the rest of Sunday I was in rest mode and had a nice quiet rest of my day. A great way to end the weekend.


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