I can’t believe July is almost over. Im already looking at my fall riding schedule. Usually, around the middle of August the store naturally slows a bit and I can look forward to some days off to ride.

Right now I have nothing set in stone. But have a lot to look at.

I can get away the weekend of Saturday the 6th, and was thinking of a quickie up to Marquette, but I really want to be there the weekend after that for O2S. So Im not sure I would go two weekes in a row. I would not be racing but riding.

My best O2S finnish.

Here’s my best O2S finnish. Look at the times. I was in a all out breakneck sprint to the finish with 5 or 6 guys. It was scary and fun at the same time.

I could also do another weekend tour on that weekend (6th), this time not so far away. Still want it to be a nice ride but would want a little more hammock time in than that last one…. will look into it also.

Then Im thinking of doing a WORS race on the 20th. Just to say I did one. Im not coming out of retirement by any means. I would race the fatbike category and just be happy to put in a few laps without crashing and say hi to some old friends.

Looking farther ahead, Im signed up for the Shuammy 40. Im not so sure I will go thru with that one. I dont think Im in any shape for 40 miles of hills. At best I will bump down to the 15 miler. But either way I dont want to miss out on a weekend in Hayward. Hoping to get there at least one more time after the race but before it snows. Then a few times after it snows.

As for this weekend, I gatta work tomorrow but hope to ride a little before. Again Sunday would be the day for a longer ride but I never know whats up until the morning of.

I got my grass cut so Im ready at a moment’s notice. Bring it.


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