Bigger is Better.

So there you have it. Swapped out the small summer tire to the bigger winter one. Well I guess I should stop calling it a winter tire. Just a bigger tire. The bigger rubber brought back the outside diameter to where Im more used to.

Still liking the Easton rims. Mounting up the fat tires tubeless was as easy as the plus tires. Almost felt like I could have done it with a floor pump. No hassles at all.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite dirt group ride and I would think that I will like the bigger rubber for sure. Just takes the edge off. And I have a pretty big edge to take off. Plus, in a month I might try a local MTB race that has a fat bike category. And Im perfectly legal with this tire\wheel combo. Again, pretty close to the setup I had for the Birkie last March.

The first thing I noticed it that I added almost a pound per tire. Thats huge considering its rotational weight. But, when you run fat that is the norm. Comes with the territory.  I’ll let you know how it go’s tonite but really this is nothing new to me. Im sure I will like it. Might be a bit slower but I won’t fall down as easy so there’s that.


That’s the tug US John Marshal pushing a barge. He was way out there. The bigger thing on the left is a fishing boat. The smaller thing is a UFO. I have no idea. So far out you could just barely see it with your eyes. I think the blurry pic has something to do with the heat. Its still pretty hot and humid but I hear thats going to reside today or tomorrow.

So, thats about it for now. Hope to get in a good ride tonite. Bike is already loaded on my car and ready to go.


Wa da ya think?

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