Moving On

Here’s some pics of a fog roll coming ashore Sunday morn. Three different perspectives of our lighthouse poking out of the fog. Pretty cool.

The pics were taken Sunday. No riding then as the hot and humid temps had storms rolling thru unannounced all day. One minute it was sunny, then next a downpour. The rain was so hit and miss that you could be in a torrential downpour and a half mile way it was sunny and dry. So I opted for no ride Sunday but I did get in a good 40 miles Saturday before work. I think Im feeling better on the bike. Maybe mot faster but just a bit more comfortable. After 40 miles I felt pretty OK. At least nothing hurt.

A month from the the busy season will be winding down and I will for sure get out more when that happenes.

So as far as equipment goes I am already moving on and taking the plus tires off the new wheelset and putting the fat tires on. I knew I was going to do that eventually but I only had two rides on the 2.8’s. Smaller wheels and tires combined with higher PSI had the bike feeling like a normal hardtail. Pretty hard on my back.  The only thing I can take out of the 27.5 by 2.8 experiment is that I was faster in the woods. And that would have been a good thing like, 10 years ago. Today I’d rather go for comfort and the fatter tires running lower pressure will save my back.

I’ll go back to the 2.8’s on my dual suspension Farely EX in a month or so. More on that tomorrow.

Im also working on my tour bike a bit yet. Pretty much everything I changed I changed back. I put a 25 degree riser stem on to help and I might change handlebars. As crazy as i sound I might put the bar ends back on. I remember I hated those shifters when I got the bike and put the Sram Rival to make it feel like a road bike and it did.

But I dont know, for touring the bar ends are not that bad a deal.  Originally, I was going to put some clip on aero bars on the bike and put the shifters on the end of those. And I might still give that a few moments of thought, but won’t go real far out of my way to do so.

That’s about it for a Monday. Its ordering day so I better get to it.


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