27.5 PLUS

So I did get my 27.5 plus wheels in. Easton rims and DT hubs. The Eastons really look nice.

Setting up tubeless was a breeze. The flatter inner wall was very easy to tape. Some rims have a bit of a valley to lay the tape in and its so much easier when its flat. Between taping and mounting it was done on both wheels in 15 minutes. No leaks. Very impressive.

I had a choice of either the 2.8in plus tires or the 3.8 fatty Hodags to put on. I opted for the smaller tire for now. Wow, its quite a bit smaller than the 29+. Shorter and narrower. In fact this wheel is smaller than a standard 29er wheel. I thought the plus size tire would make up for the smaller hoop but I guess not. This is the smallest wheel I’ve had since going 29 in 2010.

It looks funny on the bike. I’ll see how it rides very soon.

I got these 50 mil rims as Im trying to use one wheel for summer plus and winter fat. Running the 2.8 tires right now, but able to switch to winter tires using the same wheel.

Of course the 27.5 by 2.8 Bontrager Chupacabra fits like a glove. Like I said, taped and mounted about as easy as it gets. My 7 year old granddaughter could have done it.

Too narrow a rin for winter? Not as all. I’ve been on 50mm rims in winter for years now. Used a WTB 45mm rim for the Birke last year. Worked perfectly. I’ll keep the plus size tire on for a few weeks, then switch to the fat tire and see which one I like better in summer.

And… the weight is not that far off a 80mm carbon rim. Literally a few grams difference (more). And 1\3rd of the price. Now the only thing left it to ride it.


2 thoughts on “27.5 PLUS

  1. Given the amount of MTB parts you are trying on your Farley, I guess it would be time to have a comparison between Hodag 3.8 (on Farley original rims) vs Hodag (on Plus rims) vs 29+ vs 27.5+. Poor/cheap readers want to know your findings.

    I understand the area around you is pretty flat so I am still wondering why you sold the 29+ wheelset and now try 27.5+ which for me is more adapted to enduro/mountain rides.

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