Clothing Upgrade

845am. Sun and fog.

Hot and humid days coming up. 90’s Thursday thru Saturday. I usually dont do that bad in heat for a big guy as long as I drink more than normal. And even thats not a lot. Im awful at drinking. I think Im partially dehydrated almost all the time. Some days I can get to the store at 9am and leave at 7pm and never drink a drop all day. Im never thirsty. Even on the bike I dont drink. If I do I have for force it.

But with the heat coming I will bring some water to the store for my morning rides at least for Friday and Saturday.

Another thing thats bothering me is my butt. The mini tour a few weeks ago had my behind really sore. And the two hour ride last Saturday morning too. Im trying to figure it out and I think its a combo of 1) My weight. I’ve been on the high side of my weight spectrum and Im sure that has something to do with the added pressure down there. I know my miles are down from back in the day but I was over 20 pounds lighter then.

And then 2) I realized that I did not get any new shorts this spring. Usually I get three new kits every spring and rotate thru them all summer. While I see all the skinny guys riding 5 year old shorts I for sure cannot. I need all the cushy a new shammy can provide, again due to the weight thing. This is the first year I did not get any new shorts and I think thats also part of that problem.

With the 6 week window to order the store shorts it too late this summer so I bought 2 pair of very high end Bontrager bibs. Retail at $200 each. They kinda match the store jersey colors so thats kinda nice but this will be my first endeavor to the super pricy, too expensive to be worth it shorts.


I must say that everyone that bought expensive shorts weather Bontrager or Pearl Izumi from me have never regretted the cost. I hope that is true with me. If there truly is a comfort difference between $80 and $200 sorts I will be more than happy to pay more. You really can’t put a price tag on comfort on a bike. I get the new bibs today and have the Tuesday Nite Dirt group ride tonite but Im not going to wear them wanting the first ride to be on a road bike where a shammy is needed more.

The company I do my store kits with I would call mid level. The shammys in the bibs are mid level good. And in the past thats all I needed and rode on so we will see.

Im looking forward to putting on some longer miles and will let you know if they help.


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