7 Day Waiting Period

So here’s what the front of my tour bike looks like now. There will be a bag on each side of the fork. I dont like it. Just too small. Im taking them off and putting my original rack and bags on.

I hate when I do this.

Something happenes and I think I need a whole new setup and order all the parts and do all the work on the bike and find out I never really needed to do it in the first place. I struggle with one ill planned bike tour, and just a overniter mind you, and I go all crazy on my bike. I really should have like a rule that I can’t order or change anything for 7 days. Then if I deem it worthy I’ll do it. Kinda like the two week wait for a firearm. Same principle.

So I will put the bike back together the way its supposed to be and put the bags and cages back on the floor to sell. And move on. I am also rethinking the bar\shifter deal. However I might just put the bar end shifters back on. Ditching the double tap Sram road shifters. I have another frame I can use them on anyway. The clip on aero bar thing might happen tho. Having another position to ride with might help my back/shoulders/neck on a longer ride. So Im still working on that.

Last week a solo woman touring stopped at the store asking to check her crank bolt. She was a small petite girl touring from Oregon to Maine. She had high end equipment. Her Salsa bike had the exact cage\bag Im taking off my bike. She could not rack her bike in front cuz the fork was carbon. Anyway her bike was so heavy I could barely pick it up. Way heavier than anything I have ever rode with ever.

So that told me I was not that wrong in the weight I packed last week. Maybe for a overniter it was but overall it was not out of the ordinary for touring. That made me feel better.

Saturday morn I did get in a pretty good ride extending my “usual” route to about two hours. And made a conscious effort to ride a little harder overall. Nothing crazy but picked up the pace a mile and hour or two. I felt pretty good and hope to continue the trend. Sunday I woke to rain but later in the day it cleared up but by then I was one the couch and that game was over. I did bring my bike home with me after work but forgot my saddle bag with spare tube. I used that as a excuse to not ride as I did nat want to get stranded. Which is a fairly good reason really.

So the weekend riding was OK based on Saturdays ride. Nothing today and Tuesday nite dirt tomorrow. It’s been a few weeks since I rode the Farley. I have that new wheelset coming today. But thats a post for another day.


Wa da ya think?

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