Yesterday we got in a new dual suspension Farley. Was supposed to be released in August but this model, Farley EX 8 was released early.

Its crazy how fast these bikes developed. Just five years ago there was really one mass produced bike, the Pugsly. Now that one is gone and so many have arrived.

Last year Salsa put out a duel sus fatty and now Trek. And Trek does not enter a niche lightly. So it must be a thing. Im kinda on the fence here. No doubt this bike will rock on the most technical trails you can find. In the summer Im all over this. But in the winter I dont know. Thats a lot of extra iron to be riding on the snowy groomed trails. So now Im torn. I want this bike in the summer and the racey carbon hardtail in the winter.

So now its not one bike to rule them all. Now you have several fatbike models to rule their specific purposes. That said, I do have the carbon Farley EX9 coming for me in Sept. But Im sure this would not be the bike of choice for the Birkie. And then again, do I really care about how fast I am at the Birkie? Maybe that bike will just be so much fun that I won’t care about the added couple of pounds.

Im pretty sure once I hit the trails on that thing the additional weight of the suspension will be the farthest thing from my mind.

I did get a road ride in before work this morn, and got caught in some rain. Down to 58 degrees last nite from near 90 yesterday. I was pretty cold. I didnt care much as it was the first ride since last weekend and the first time I was on the road bike in a long time.

Will do it again tomorrow morn and Sunday looks like rain but if not a few miles then too.

Have a good weekend.


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