My first bike tour in 2008. 18 days and 1000 miles. Most likely will not get to do that again. At least one that big. All my gear was borrowed. I was 40 pounds lighter then (sigh).

I havent been on a bike since the weekend but I could. Pretty much was back to normal by Tuesday. Hope to get out before work tomorrow.

The 920 is back in the lab. I may be going a bit overboard with this but thats kinda how I roll. Lighter wheels. Lighter bags and rack. Actually no rack in front. Using a Salsa Anything cage and bags on both sides on the fork. Im getting a 17 degree stem to lift the bar. Adding some clip on aero bars to add another position and putting the bar end shifters  on the end of those.

Ditching the Sram Rival levers and putting back on the stock Tektro hydro brakes.

I still don’t know if all of this is needed but its what I do I guess. I will present to you the finished product as soon as its done. I think I will lose a little storage but I dont plan on being gone a month anyway. I had so much extra room last weekend. There’s a chance I could lose almost 10 pounds when done. Crazy. 10 pounds makes a ton for difference on a long day in the saddle.

Tuesday nite we had a great group for the MTB group rides. Maybe 15 or so. Its growing every week and I hope to continue that. The store fry’d some hamburgers so maybe that was the draw. At least it makes them park their road bikes for at least one nite.

I ordered a set of Easton 27.5 plus wheels. Here next week. I plan on putting on my 3.8 Hodags on the 50 mil rims. Kinda like the setup I had at the Birkie. I just want to try sticking with the fatty fat tires in summer as opposed to the 3in 29 plus. The outside diameter will be pretty close too. Not much different.

That opens the door to maybe a fatbike race this summer as its a minimum of 3.7 inches to race. Maybe try one of those Enduro things? I said that last year too…..   Will see.

I just like trying new or different stuff. Keeps my interest up.


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