I Did it Wrong (pt 3)


This was a nice mini mart stop. Never pass up a comfy lawn chair.


The title might be misleading. The bike is great. Its how I set it up is wrong. In the winter months I ride this bike like a road bike and it works great for that. But when Im touring I need to change the cockpit almost 100%. For this all I did was bolt on the Brooks. But in reality I needed to get the bars up higher and closer to me. Currently the bars are about 2 cm lower than the seat. My road bikes ride 4 cm lower. I need to be at least 2 or 3 cm higher when doing this. I went back to look as my Long Haul Truckers and they all had the bars abouve the seat.

This killed my hands and arms. Also I liked the safety yellow bar tape but they have no pad in them. No cork, nothing. Another mistake. When I got the bike I took off the bar end shifters and put on some old Sram Rival road shifters. That in itself is not a big deal but I was reminded of how much I do not like double tap shifting now that I’ve been electric for 4 years. That was more distracting than anything. It shifted just fine.

I need to get a stem that puts the bar up a bit more. Im at the end of my steer tube so that pretty much all I can do without an goofy extension.

Also, Im going to look into some clip on aero bars for another position. Then I would put the bar end shifters back on the end of those. Also, I am going to get one of Bontrager’s iso-zone bars. Gel filled and comfy. I acually have a set I took off the Domane. I think getting those on plus putting some padding under the tape plus putting on the aero bars as high as I can would be the ticket.


Well, I got to use the tent for the first time and I was very happy with it.

Its this tent.

Set up easy. Very light. Easy to use.  Its a tray type tent. So you have the floor shaped like a tray with about 3 inch tall rim all the way around. Its very open and would not be a good cold weather tent. Its like a tray with a awning around it. Entry on both sides. Just a great backpacking tent. For this use, its about the best you can get.

In closing I leaned. I learned my fitness is no where near the last time I toured. Im twenty pounds more and riding less overall. Im going to update the bike and I will do this again this summer so it was not as bad as I made it sound.

One of the things Im looking at is lighter bags. Maybe fork mounted dry sacks in front. I could ditch the front rack too then. Either way I hope to do this again in a few weeks, maybe this month yet, and maybe get in a few days longer tour in this fall.

I’ll for sure be smarter about it.


Wa da ya think?

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