Call To Action!

As it sits in on the sales floor this morn. Waiting.

Its been a busy week with me selling stuff during business hours and wrenching before and after. One man band. Next week my guys get back from vaca and Im good again. And since I did such a good job this  its time to treat yo’self.

And, are you sitting down? I am grabbing the tour bike and heading out for a overniter tomorrow. I’ve had this bike over a year and have never used it. I rode it a bit but never used it for whats its for.

I’ve got a 60 mile ride planned to a campground in Kewaunee,WI. A nice ride north along the lake. Im a bit concerned as last week I was devastated with a 35 miles ride but touring is different. Its down a notch. I tour by the 12mph rule. Over 12mph you coast and under you pedal. I remember I pretty much could ride all day that way. I hope thats still true.

And I finally get to use my million dollar tent. I also got that over a year ago and to this day have never even pitched it with taking it out of the bag once the day it arrived. I have to review the youtube on how to set it up.

The bike is basically packed and ready to go with just adding my clothes and its been that way on my sales floor for a year less the couple of rides I used the bike for this winter after removing all the racks.

The tent weighs 1.8 pounds without the bag. The poles are of course Easton carbon fibre.

Anyway, Its a short tour but a tour nonetheless. Its been since 2012 that I did this so I hope it all comes back to me quickly.

I still need to go thru the bike as I have not even sat on it since March. So I hope all is good there. The weather seems to be a go too. Sunny and 70’s.

I’ll drive my car to the store tomorrow and be here to open at 10am, then get ready and push off at noon, stopping at my house when I ride past for some last minute stuff. Then the tour begins, or mini tour anyway. Im just glad Im getting to use the stuff. I always knew I would someday.

Here’s the bike in winter (fall) mode.

So there’s my weekend. I hope I can relax a bit after what might have been my busiest week in the store to date. I just hope I dont get too blown out with the ride which will be the longest ride to date this year on back to back days. Here’s to a good tailwind.

On a test ride last summer. Deemed ready!

Have a great weekend.


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