840am. My bench.

This morn I got my fav bench all to myself for the first time in days. Holiday weekends have the park full and hard to find a spot for yourself.

It’s now Tuesday, my work week is all screwed up and Im exhausted from doing nothing yesterday. Its 930am and I need a nap.

Saturday before work I got out for my normal hour and a half ride before work. Road bike to the park and back. Sunday I wanted to try something longer and had a 50 mile ride in mind after work. I never made it past 35. After my usual hour and a half went by my body just disapproved. When I hit two and a half it flat out said no. It’s crazy how your body gets so used to something. After doing 50 rides at a hour and a half, maybe 20 miles or so each, it thinks thats whats going on and when I keep going I really feel like crap. Until I get a couple of longer rides under my belt thats what’s going to happen. The rest of the day I spent on the couch. And maybe a little of the next morning too.

July 4th at the store is kinda like the circus coming to town. The deck behind the store, along the river boardwalk is pretty much smack dab in the center of everything. You can here three bands playing in different directions. The city’s fireworks get shot off right across the river from the store so there’s a million people there. I just pull up a chair on the deck and people watch all day leading up to the fireworks at 930pm or so.

Couple thoughts on yesterday. First off as I get older or as I’ve been here at this location longer I kinda can’t relax as it feels Im at work anyway. I spend 10 hours a day here and work 7 days a week in summer and then spend my one day off here all day. Its nice Im not working but I kinda still do a little bit. It’s hard not to. I would much rather spend a relaxing day at home.

But throughout the day a lot of people walk by and some people I have not seen in years hop up on the deck to say hi and thats kinda cool. Couple people I knew from my car racing days that I have not seen in years.

But just sitting there all day, for like another 10 hour day is exhausting. I got a pretty good sunburn. We put out a pretty good spread for friends and family and once the fireworks are done at around 10pm it takes a lot to clean up. It’s still not quite all picked up this moring as there are lawn chairs still spread out in the store to be picked up before we open today.

But we get here and restore everything as it was before, and its business as usual. Kinda. I’ve got a lot of bikes in the service dept and all my mechanics are on vacation or out of town this entire week. So its just going to be me this week. I’ve got at least 20 bikes to get out in four days. Does not sound like a lot but thats all besides what I normally do. So, it’s going to be a busy week. The Tuesday nite MTB ride is tonite and I dont think Im going with the workload I have.

So I better get going and get this place cleaned up.


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