Park Time


I took my MTB home with me to ride this morn but I opted for a quiet visit to my happy place instead of a ride. Cool breeze and sun. Heading into a Holiday weekend with big intentions. The weather looks great and I have the day off Monday. With the Holiday, the store will be kinda slow except for bike rentals. But nobody shops for bikes this weekend.

So there will be some bike riding of some sort. But also relaxing too. I also just found out I have extra help on the July weekends of the 9th and 23rd. I just might use them both to do stuff.

My first reaction is a weekend tour and that is what Im going to shoot for first. Next is maybe a trip to Hayward ot Marquette. That will be second choice as its a bit more money.

Either way Im looking to get away for a few days and am looking forward to that. But time will tell what I acually  do.

Have a great long weekend. Im sure I will have something to say after.


Wa da ya think?

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