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I can’t believe July is almost over. Im already looking at my fall riding schedule. Usually, around the middle of August the store naturally slows a bit and I can look forward to some days off to ride.

Right now I have nothing set in stone. But have a lot to look at.

I can get away the weekend of Saturday the 6th, and was thinking of a quickie up to Marquette, but I really want to be there the weekend after that for O2S. So Im not sure I would go two weekes in a row. I would not be racing but riding.

My best O2S finnish.

Here’s my best O2S finnish. Look at the times. I was in a all out breakneck sprint to the finish with 5 or 6 guys. It was scary and fun at the same time.

I could also do another weekend tour on that weekend (6th), this time not so far away. Still want it to be a nice ride but would want a little more hammock time in than that last one…. will look into it also.

Then Im thinking of doing a WORS race on the 20th. Just to say I did one. Im not coming out of retirement by any means. I would race the fatbike category and just be happy to put in a few laps without crashing and say hi to some old friends.

Looking farther ahead, Im signed up for the Shuammy 40. Im not so sure I will go thru with that one. I dont think Im in any shape for 40 miles of hills. At best I will bump down to the 15 miler. But either way I dont want to miss out on a weekend in Hayward. Hoping to get there at least one more time after the race but before it snows. Then a few times after it snows.

As for this weekend, I gatta work tomorrow but hope to ride a little before. Again Sunday would be the day for a longer ride but I never know whats up until the morning of.

I got my grass cut so Im ready at a moment’s notice. Bring it.


Bigger is Better.

So there you have it. Swapped out the small summer tire to the bigger winter one. Well I guess I should stop calling it a winter tire. Just a bigger tire. The bigger rubber brought back the outside diameter to where Im more used to.

Still liking the Easton rims. Mounting up the fat tires tubeless was as easy as the plus tires. Almost felt like I could have done it with a floor pump. No hassles at all.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite dirt group ride and I would think that I will like the bigger rubber for sure. Just takes the edge off. And I have a pretty big edge to take off. Plus, in a month I might try a local MTB race that has a fat bike category. And Im perfectly legal with this tire\wheel combo. Again, pretty close to the setup I had for the Birkie last March.

The first thing I noticed it that I added almost a pound per tire. Thats huge considering its rotational weight. But, when you run fat that is the norm. Comes with the territory.  I’ll let you know how it go’s tonite but really this is nothing new to me. Im sure I will like it. Might be a bit slower but I won’t fall down as easy so there’s that.


That’s the tug US John Marshal pushing a barge. He was way out there. The bigger thing on the left is a fishing boat. The smaller thing is a UFO. I have no idea. So far out you could just barely see it with your eyes. I think the blurry pic has something to do with the heat. Its still pretty hot and humid but I hear thats going to reside today or tomorrow.

So, thats about it for now. Hope to get in a good ride tonite. Bike is already loaded on my car and ready to go.


Moving On

Here’s some pics of a fog roll coming ashore Sunday morn. Three different perspectives of our lighthouse poking out of the fog. Pretty cool.

The pics were taken Sunday. No riding then as the hot and humid temps had storms rolling thru unannounced all day. One minute it was sunny, then next a downpour. The rain was so hit and miss that you could be in a torrential downpour and a half mile way it was sunny and dry. So I opted for no ride Sunday but I did get in a good 40 miles Saturday before work. I think Im feeling better on the bike. Maybe mot faster but just a bit more comfortable. After 40 miles I felt pretty OK. At least nothing hurt.

A month from the the busy season will be winding down and I will for sure get out more when that happenes.

So as far as equipment goes I am already moving on and taking the plus tires off the new wheelset and putting the fat tires on. I knew I was going to do that eventually but I only had two rides on the 2.8’s. Smaller wheels and tires combined with higher PSI had the bike feeling like a normal hardtail. Pretty hard on my back.  The only thing I can take out of the 27.5 by 2.8 experiment is that I was faster in the woods. And that would have been a good thing like, 10 years ago. Today I’d rather go for comfort and the fatter tires running lower pressure will save my back.

I’ll go back to the 2.8’s on my dual suspension Farely EX in a month or so. More on that tomorrow.

Im also working on my tour bike a bit yet. Pretty much everything I changed I changed back. I put a 25 degree riser stem on to help and I might change handlebars. As crazy as i sound I might put the bar ends back on. I remember I hated those shifters when I got the bike and put the Sram Rival to make it feel like a road bike and it did.

But I dont know, for touring the bar ends are not that bad a deal.  Originally, I was going to put some clip on aero bars on the bike and put the shifters on the end of those. And I might still give that a few moments of thought, but won’t go real far out of my way to do so.

That’s about it for a Monday. Its ordering day so I better get to it.


27.5 Plus in Action


So I have put two rides in on the small wheels. It kinda feels to me like Im back to 26in but not quite as bad as that.

On the bike I felt just what I thought. Smaller wheels did not roll over stuff as nice as bigger wheels but were a lot more nimble in the tight spots. I could point and shoot much faster on the smaller wheel. I did not roll as fast as the big wheel.

But they are fun. And Im a bit faster on them in the woods too compared to the 29+. Tuesday nite I got two PR’s where we were riding. I think I could corner easier at higher speeds. I could climb faster than the 29+ but thats just the less weight talking. And also maybe the gear ratio is back to normal. When I switched from from Sram to Shimano the rear cassette dropped from 42 on top to 40. Then, put on the tallest wheel in the world on the bike and my granny was not as grannyish anymore. Going to such a smaller wheel helped that and I felt it right away both on the top end and bottom. So maybe that helps my climbing a bit if I can use a higher cadence going up.

The 2.8’s are even a bit narrower than the 3in (duh) and a bunch lighter but I did not feel any loss of traction in the turns and was able to rail any corner as well as any other tire. There comes a point in tire size where bigger does not do any better. JUst the same but with more tire to lug around. I did notice a bit rougher ride on the ol’ hardtail and thats was also expected and will get better when the bigger tires go on. And at my age thats a pretty good thing now. My back could use the cush of a higher volume tire.

That will change when I put the 3.8 Hodags back on. The extra fatness will help smooth things out. And I don’t need to change rims at all. That was the point of this. To be able to go summer plus size and winter fat with a tire change only. Same wheel.

I can see how this wheel size was the obvious choice to those who did not want 29in. It acts much like a 26 back in the day. But again, its been 6 years since I’ve been on anything less then a 29 in summer.

This is, however, not the first time I had a 27.5 wheel on my Farley. Back in March I had a set of WTB Scrapers built up that I ran the Birkie with. I think they were 45mm by 27.5 and I had my 3.8 (4in) Hodags on.

Here’s a few pics of that wheel\tire combo from the Birkie in March. I’ll run the smaller tires for a bit but then the fatties will go on for some summer fun. With the Hodag 3.8s on the wheel will be very close to the diameter of a 29+. Bigger than a normal 29er. And back to what Im used to.

And of course this is all prior to the early Sept delivery of my Trek Farley EX9. These wheels\tires will go nicely on that bike to finish out the summer with.

But thats getting a little ahead of myself. I’ll give these wheels a few more rides and Im sure I’ll have a few more opinions. Keep in mind Im biased toward 29 plus and Im sure I will have another set someday soon. Most likely carbon. But Im getting ahead of myself again.