Tues Nite Dirt Ride


The Tuesday rides have been going just OK. Maybe 6 to 8 bikes. We travel a bit and the last four rides have been at 4 different trails so thats kinda cool.

Last nite was at the Northern Kettles or Greenbush as we call it. I struggle here more than any other trail system. Very rocky. Even with the plus size tires I have a hard time climbing as you have to weave your way around all the rocks. Almost constantly the entire ride.

Last nite I felt especially challenged. Maybe it was a off nite for me but I could not ride very well. I walked hills I never walked before. I ended cutting the last loop out of my ride. I could not believe how slow I was going. I just can’t do that stuff on a hardtail anymore. Even if its a fat bike hardtail. Im just too old and rickety for that. I ended up with a sore knee and a sore back.  I can’t wait to get my Farely EX. I think Greenbush will be the first trail I hit when I get it. Soften up the fork and rear shock and soften up the tires. Then see how it go’s.

When you ride alone a lot its not until you ride with others that you see your real fitness. I thought I was not that bad. Even thinking about maybe a race to two in July\Aug. Now Im not so sure. I mean, I could for sure finish a race and I know I won’t win or even place but I dont want to get embarrassed. While I never cared much about results I dont think I would have much fun doing so bad its embarrassing. Maybe I should just stick to trail riding.

I am, in fact signed up for the Shuammy 40. At this point that seems in jeopardy.

I always tell myself there is time to bump up the skills and fitness a bit but that usually never happens. I just dont have the time to commit to improvement.

So I’ll just see how it go’s. Whether I race or not is not a big deal to me, as long as I can keep riding Im happy.


Wa da ya think?

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