Before we get started let’s look at the US American Spirit as it passed Monday morn. It’s one of just a couple of 1000 foot freighters on the lakes. That’s three football fields long plus a bit more. These guys can only go in the biggest ports and are the biggest ships in the Great Lakes.

Here’s its sister ship, the US American Integrity as it was laid up for winter in Milwaukee a few years ago. You can20130217_114900 really get a feel of its size when you’re standing right next to it. That pic above could be a mile out.

Funny things happen to me sometimes. Not haha funny but weird funny.

So the last time I rode the Domane was Saturday morn before work. No big deal.

Sunday morn I pulled it out to show a customer in the store, then two hours later on Sunday I loaded it up on my car to ride from home as soon as it cooled off Sunday after work. That was about 1 o’clock. I grab the bike to ride about four and the rear tire is flat.

What the what? It’s completely flat with no air. Not a slow leak but flat flat. I have not ridden the bike for 30 hours. Its was fine a few hours ago when I put it on the car rack. Cripes.

What the????  Had air when I put it on there.

Thinking back I always wondered what the hell happened when a sales floor bike gets a flat. Just sitting there. A couple years ago my tour bike flatted on its own out on the sales floor. I pumped it up and it held air. And it was not low, it was flat flat to the ground.

I can only assume that someone just randomly let all the air out of that tire? The presta valve was closed just like the one on my Domane was closed Sunday.

So I can only assume gremlins are to blame I have not pulled the tube out of the Domane yet but I will later. First I’ll pump it up and if it holds air I’ll raise my fist and curse at the Gremlins.


Wa da ya think?

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