I Told You So.

I came upon a old post I did about my first fatbike.

Here it is.

At that time late 2010 I got my first Pugsley. When I wrote that post in 2011 I was the only person I knew with a fat tire bike. All my rides were solo. What a difference 6 years make. I always said to the others that sooner or later you will all have one. And they laughed at me. Now they are riding with me.

I have to chuckle a bit to myself when I saw that I wrote:

“A race, a ride, national fat tire championship?
Even a ski resort offering fat tire rentals.
I can see Rec. areas grooming trails just for fat bikes.”
And thats what caught my eye when I found that post. Because all of those things are here today. Maybe they were around in 2011 but Im old and forgot if they were. But at best Marquette was in its infancy, no where near what they have today, and pretty sure they were the first and only to start machine grooming back then.
Little did I know that in less than 6 years I would not ride alone anymore. Just this morning a saw a guy pulling his kids in a Burley trailer riding a fatbike down the street. I now do not ever ride a MTB in the summer but a 29+ wheelset on my fatbike. The collage of pics above show some of the fat bikes I’ve had but not all.
When I first got the Pug I put it in the window and eventually had to take it out. Remember this was 2010 and nobody had seen anything like this. People would just walk in the store to ask what the hell that was. Which was cool at first but then it took 30% of our time and had a hard time getting work done I had to take it out.
It went something like this…
Ive always enjoyed trying to be on the cutting edge of bike tech and if I see something I like that is new I order it almost immediately.
But I’ve had a few misses too. Not everything I get turns out to be the new next thing. But I’ll keep on the lookout none the less.
I put that first Pug thru hell. Note the big ship foto bomb in this pick. At the time I never noticed it. That shot was not necessary planned. I laid it down to take a pic and when I turned around that happened.
Anyway, that was then, this is now. Miles and miles of groomed winter trails in many parts of the state and country as I predicted 6 years ago (maybe predict is a strong word). Fatbike Birkie is alive and well with over 1000 bikes. Now million dollar carbon fatbikes that weigh less than my MTB used to. The offshoot plus size bikes. Im sure I posted a bunch of times on the rise of the fatbike. And today that phrase sounds a bit silly but it was not that long ago I was alone with one. Its amazing how fast we went from hand building the bikes to now large bike companies have 5 or 6 models.
In two months I take delivery on my first full suspension fatbike with Treks Farley EX. Thats nuts and I can’t wait!
The Future!
Wonder whats up in the next 6 years?

Wa da ya think?

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