I considered riding home from the store last nite but glad I didnt as it was raining pretty good this morn and that would have been a miserable ride back to work today.

Took my normal ride out to my normal park to sit on my normal bench (if it wasn’t too wet) (it was). So a short walk was in order. Just maybe 20 minutes, took a few pics and back in the car and back to the store. I havent been taking a lot of pictures of late. I dont bring my good camera with me on a bike of course, but I do have a smaller one I could use more.

About yesterday’s post. I sat down with all employees to see when I can take a few days away and I think thats going to work out just fine. As far as Sundays, store will be open but I just need to try and stay away as much as I can. Will see how well I do with that.

This is the time of year I need to start doing longer rides. The typical hour and a half out to the park and back won’t cut it anymore. My body gets so used to that timeframe that when I extend it I feel like crap. Doesn’t need to be intense, just longer and maybe I can start with this Sunday.

Last summer I maybe hit 50 miles twice, maybe three times at the most. Otherwise it was a million rides at exactly one hour and 20 minutes.

Im thinking about what to do with my time off. A tour would be nice. Maybe up to Hayward or Marquette to MTB. Actually, I’ve been thinking about organizing a weekend up north for road riding. I’ve got a few nice loops up in the Eagle River area that I’ve done in the past. 50 and 70 miles. Get a group up there to do one on Saturday and one on Sunday. That would be nice.

Years ago I went up there once a year with my wife’s side of the fam and while they sat around I rode. I called it my secret training camp.

Here’s a post from then.

Another one here.

The riding up there was great, road or woods. I miss it. About 3 years ago we just stopped going. So maybe a nice weekend back up there is in order. I think it would be hard to do in July, but I’ll check it out. At least I have something  to work on.


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