All Work And No Play.

I had a great ride last nite on the MTB. 5 of us made the 40 minute drive to the trails. I hope to keep this Tuesday nite thing going all summer, well, all year round.

The main trail there was only 3 miles long but we did some hiking trails they had along the all-work-coverriver there too. One beer and two tacos after.

Closing the store now on Tuesday nites was a milestone for me. I never would have done that two years ago. But as I get older I starting to figure out that all work and no play can sure make me a dull boy.

Now Im considering Sundays. All other bike stores in town are closed. Sundays have been good for sales but not so good on morale. Taking a full day away from work every week would be a good thing.

As I get older the stores bottom line seems not as important as my time with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I still keep a sharp eye on the books, but sometimes I look at Sunday’s as just revenue that would have just come another day. Im sure its not all that way and being open Sundays is convenient to my customers.

But at some point you have to realize there’s more to life than working. Im 56 years old and have worked a lot in my life. A lot. I owned a pretty good sized trucking company 15 years ago that I made a lot of money with but worked 15 hours a day.Totally not worth it. I had no life. Or no life away from work.

Now owning a bike shop is no way near as intense but I always seem to take things to extreme. In my head more work equals more money and thats just not true.

So Im trying to take a step back and will try to take more time for myself this summer. And my problem with that is not the store its with me. Looking ahead to July and Aug it looks like I might have one weekend to get away. Just one. And again, thats all on me. I am now recalculating that.

I need to just put my foot down with myself and tell myself to leave the store alone once in awhile. Im sure it wont burn down and it will be here when I get back.


Wa da ya think?

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