Summer Mornings


Finally a more normal morning. Got to run a few errands, grab my coffee and hit my fav bench in the park. These days Im never alone as the park is full pretty much everyday. People everywhere. My nice quiet coffee drinking gets politely interrupted several times. But thats all part of the experience. Especially on a morning like this one. I wish I could spent more time on that bench but I got up a little late today. It happenes.

Last week I put a item on eBay for the first time in a year. Of course it went badly. When eBay first came out it was the bike racers dream. Here’s a outlet to get rid of all the free stuff they collect in a year and no longer use. Even as a store I’ve used it now and then to get rid of some of the stuff that didnt sell. At least I got something for it as opposed to giving or throwing it away.

Then came all the rules that favored buyers. And sellers got taken advantage of. Case in point: Last week I put my 110mm XXX stem on auction just wanting to get rid of it. Winning bid was $120. Waited three days for payment then contacted the dude and he says he doesn’t want it cuz its too long. Then why in the hell did you bid on it?  Then, I cancel the transaction and have to relist it all over again. Then…  in between the dude not paying and relisting it I get a invoice from eBay for the sale. $12 bucks. And then try and get that reversed is much harder than pulling teeth. It’s almost if not impossible to talk to a human there. So yeah… almost every item I have put on eBay has went south in some way. Im old so after some time I forget how terrible eBay is. But once I use it again Im reminded.

Tonite is the Tuesday nite MTB ride. Tonite is also the first nite Im closing early at 5pm to do it. I went back and forth on that issue but decided I sure could use a nite off to ride my bike. And now Im really looking forward to it. Tonite we are riding the Maribel Caves trails. About a 45 minute drive. Ive never been there so Im looking forward to it. Hope someone else shows up to ride with.


Wa da ya think?

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