More Commute\Weekend

The weekend: Saturday I didnt group ride but did commute back to the store for the third day in a row. I did not touch my car from Wednesday morn to Saturday afternoon. i was just thinking about how many more miles I would have if I did this more. But I must admit my ambition to ride on Saturday morn was a bit on the low side.

Bike and backpack replaces car.

However with me leaving my car at the store I had no choice but to ride so ride I did and as always, once I get going Im glad I did but sometimes getting ready seems like a chore so early in the morning.

Ita about a 20 minute ride but I change up my route and almost never do the same one twice.

One would think I would do this more but Im not so much a morning person anymore. I used to be back in the day but now I need coffee and such to go. And getting older I settle into routine more. Like a drive to the park and sit on my fav bench with my fav coffee. Its been over a week since I did that. But being replaced by a bike ride is not a bad thing and has its own advantages.


Saturday morn I stopped off and visited the Pelicans before work. These guys are now a thing as cars are lined up along the road and people are standing there with cameras and binoculars.When they were here two years ago nobody cared but there was some big write up in the paper about them and now people are lined up to see them. Couple weeks and they will be gone if history serves.

Sunday was the first hot day. After work I loaded up the farley for a small MTB ride at our local park. its was 90 degrees and I failed miserably. First and mostly I forgot any water. I did have a bottle set up but forgot it at the store. Also the creak came back and was driving me nuts!  So the ride Sunday afternoon was short. Like 20 minutes.  It’s easy to forget things when you’re closing the store and trying to get out of there. So that was a bust.

Spent the rest of the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself and eating too much.


1 thought on “More Commute\Weekend

  1. You don’t need a bottle to ride at the park…there’s at least 3 water fountains (bubblers for the locals)!

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