More Domane


Another beautiful morning. Another commute home and back to store with a little extra thrown in. I’ve parked my car at the store on Wednesday morn and have not touched it since. When I decided to commute, I leave my car at the store and ride home and back.

I hope to commute back and forth to the store more. I need to keep the miles down on the new car as its leased and I need to cut back on my driving.

I was feeling pretty good this morn. I even got a PR on a Strava segment that I frequent. Not that Im into that sort of thing. But Im feeling better and better on the bike. I think Im ready for some longer rides. Now I have to find the time. Sunday looks to be a beauty of a day. In fact the next 3 days seem quite nice so Im planning my weekend carefully.

As usual I have to work tomorrow but a quick ride in the morning will be called for. In fact, I might just pedal home again tonite making that 3 days in a row. A personal record for me. or PR in the Strava world, not that Im in to that sort of thing.

So its one of those weekend that Im pumped to be going into. Many possibilities. I’ll have to try and throw a MTB ride in there somewhere.

Hope you have a good weekend! Get outside!


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