Bike Stuff (tires)

The bike industry is filled with riders who buy equipment way above their means. And thats not a bad thing. I am the poster child for that scenario. Its fun and its easy for me owning a bike store and all.

Here I got ahold of Bontrager’s R4 320 tpi tire. I’ve seen testing on this tire and its pretty much labeled the fastest clincher tire around. Its thin and soft, so its light and fast. It’s described as a road or criterium racing tire. The gum sidewalls make it look like a tubular. So the cool factor is way up there. This product is way out of my league but I’ll ride it anyway. I saved over 50 grams over my Conti 4000’s. That may not sound like a lot, and for me its not a lot, but it comes off the outer most rotating weight and that could be noticeable. It’s a super soft tire so cornering speed will improve. But also its life expectancy is way down especially for a bigger guy like me.

But so what. Im running them. So there . Price? $79.99. Just $6 bucks more than the Conti 4000’s. And way up there in the look cool category. And it looks very fast and sometimes perception is better than reality.


First ride was on the way home last nite. I left the store and headed along the lake to see if I could find any pelicans. And sure enough there was about 100 of them right where I took their picture the other day. And at least 30 cars lined up along the road watching. It’s quite the spectacle in a town where not much happens.

I didnt stop as there was too many people already and it was starting to sprinkle a bit. It’s about a 20 minute ride home but I was with the wind so I was cruising on those new tires.

However the sprinkle turned into a full on rain just two miles from home and I decided to go full gas. I looked that the Garmin and I was doing 24mph on the flat with that tailwind. I actually rode out from under the rain. The last mile was dry. Nice.

This morning was a nice ride back in. Again, I had a tailwind going the other way from last nite (nice!) and blasted straight to the store, threw my backpack in the bushes and kept on riding putting in another 10 miles before I got back here. I great way to start the day.

The tires are very nice. I like them. I can see where the weight savings came from as they are also rated a 25c but are a smidge smaller. Now Im far from any road racer guy but Im pretty sure the tires are faster than my Conti’s. That’s nowhere near something you can just ride around the block and feel but after 20 or so miles they sure do feel that way. Maybe its just my mind playing tricks on me or wishful thinking. Or, they are a little better rolling. Who knows. I’ll keep them.

Thats enough of bike stuff today. Im just happy to get a ride in this morning and not get rained on. It seems I’ve been rained on more this year than any other and its only mid June. Personally I dont mind if its a warm rain but I get tired of having to clean the bike after a wet one. That, or I just have someone else do it….


Wa da ya think?

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