Its Sunday morn and here we have the Dorthy Ann Pathfinder.

She was heading past as I had my coffee in my happy place before work. Its really a tub boat that has a barge bolted to the front of it. These ships are way smaller than the bigger lakers and can get into smaller ports or rivers. This time of year all the big ships are not on this side of the lake but the little ones go to Milwaukee a lot and still sail past now and then.



After reporting seeing the birds again on Friday I drove past the spot again on Saturday on the way to the store and there must have been 100 of them there. Lots more than Friday.

Then, Sunday on the way to work I drove by again and there was none. Just like that the leave. Not sure why they come here, hang for a few days then gone. But then as I was watching the ship go by on Sunday morn a few flew past in perfect formation. So they are still around but pretty sure they will leave, again.



Sunday after work I loaded up the Farley and headed over to the local park for a quick hour on the bike before I had to do home and cut the grass. It was a fairly uneventful ride, I was the only one there and had the tunes cranking on the iPod. Very relaxing. After the grass was cut the rest of the day was also relaxing.



Well what do you know. This morn I saw the second ship in two days. The Canadian Alpena was on her way to Chicago. The boat was way out there and hard to see by eye. My camera zoomed in just fine.

One of these days I want to take a trip up to the Soo Locks and watch that stuff work. Maybe someday.

That’s about it for now. Busy days in the store. Getting here early and staying late. All work and no play makes me a dull boy. I need to really concentrate on getting away soon. At least for a day or so.


Wa da ya think?

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