More Pelican

Found the Pelicans again this morning. Stopped to take a few pictures. I dont have a lot to say today so I’ll call out the pelicans as today’s highlight.

I had planned to ride this morn but early storms rolled thru and cancelled that ride. Hence the extra time I had to hang out by the lake and then find the pelicans.

I had planned a MTB ride yesterday morn and had to cancel that one too with just too much to do before work. So Monday thru Friday Im 0 for 2. Really three if you count Tuesday nite. Not good stats.

Im happy to put this week behind me and start fresh this weekend.

I’ll get in a ride in the morning but not a long one as I need to open the store. Maybe ride home tonite and take the long way back tomorrow. Sunday is up in the air as I try not to plan anything and go with the flo.

These posts are getting smaller. No real reason.I just dont have the time when things are busy, and when things are busy means Im working a lot and have nothing to post about anyway. Unless its about work and you dont want to hear about that.

Have a good weekend. Get outside. I’ll have more to write about Monday.


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