Better Times

Food,beer and mountain bikes.

I’ve got a new tire on my car and the store’s ordering is done for the week. Things are looking up.

Last nite was the store sponsored the Tuesday nite dirt MTB ride. I bought a 6 foot party sub. Others brought beer. The turnout was so – so. We’ll be doing this the first Tuesday of the month so Im sure it will get better. I didnt ride as I was still catching up from my bad Monday at the time. But I will next time.

To make up for it I am planning a MTB ride tomorrow morn. Its funny how when my road bike was down I did nothing but MTBing and since it was fixed I have not touched the Farley. But I’ll touch it tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking about that tour bike sitting here in the store. Im thinking its time to do something even if its a overniter. Plans are formulating. But then, how many times have I typed that sentence.

Today in the store its repair day. Couple days a week I head to the the workstand and bust out some repairs myself. Keeps me sharp. I dont do a lot of them, just enough so I dont forget how to.

And Im old and forget things pretty quickly.


Wa da ya think?

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