A Bad Day

No post yesterday. It was a bad day for the record books for me. I can get to that later.

The weekend was so so for riding. I did get out for a quick 20 before the store opened Saturday and that seems to be the way its going to be on Saturdays for awhile. Store is busy.

Sunday I got out of work a bit early to hit up a 30 miler in big wind. About 7 mph into and 25 mph with. Some people won’t ride in wind. It’s a bummer but a bike ride is a bike ride. When its very windy you just gotta break up the head wind\tail wind as best you can. You end up with a goofy route. It was a 30 mile ride that felt like 50 on the legs but that a good thing.

Sunday had a flock of Pelicans flying over and around the store. They show up just once in awhile. Maybe it was two or three years ago they were here. They hang mostly up in Green Bay and along the Fox river up there.


Here’s a pic when there were here about a week in 2014. Just hanging out with the seagulls. Here a few days, then gone.

So that was the weekend. On to Monday.

On my way to work yesterday morn I hit some piece of metal in the road. I heard it flop around inside the wheelwell and it was gone. I stopped but could not find it. The flippin tire was losing air so I jumped back in the car and raced to the store. My last small car did not have a spare but some kind of emergency sealant and I did not want to chance me not getting to the store. I got to the store driving the last 3 block flat. Swearing all the way. I would never usually do that. Drive flat that is.

Once to the store I found that the car did in fact have a spare.


So I put in on and waited for help to get to the store, then leaving see if I could get it fixed with a plug or something but no, I drove it flat too much and need a new tire. $140 and it needs to be ordered so Im on the spare a few days. The car has only 3000 miles on it.

So after that I get back to the store way behind schedule and never caught up all day dealing with issues. I never got to start my Monday ordering until sometime in the afternoon and I didnt even finish it.

Then, in the afternoon my store server decided it wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. During business hours. I panicked and just shut it down. Bad idea. It no longer worked.

But here’s a good idea I had. I have a spare computer thats been set up and set on the side just for this disaster. With a little help I got that one fired up and running so I could at least take peoples money. Computer was down maybe an hour. Toss that stress into the day that was already behind and I was burnt out. Toast.

Today is another day. Got to the store early and got most of the ordering done. Also, the store if frying out tonite at the Tuesday Nite Dirt Ride. Well, in fact Im bringing a party sub but it food none the less and way less work.

Today I will be caught up with ordering and repairs so I can relax a little, and find time to type here.

Im glad thats all over…. just another day in a bike store.


Wa da ya think?

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