Not Bike Stuff


What a beautiful morning today. Tons of sun and its warm but not too warm. Im feeling a bit better today also so that lifts my spirits up a bit. Spending some time on my favorite bench in the park this morn does that also.

Sitting on the bench today I have nothing but summer thoughts. Gone is the dreaming of riding on perfectly groom snow trails in Marquette or Cable. When you have such a nice summer day as today you wonder why you even do that kind of stuff.

Today my head is filled with summe stuff. while I enjoy a nice winter I just can’t see spending summers anywhere but here. Sure I get a little impatient when its a four month spring and I’ll complain about that a lot but once summer is here there is no beating it anywhere.


While most of my stuff I do is with a bike, there is a lot more I can do in summer. Touring and camping is one. Last fall I went up to Marquette and camped. It was cheap and fun and I’d like to do that again.

As far as touring I always start out with big plans only to have then squished later. Last summer was a tour up to Marquette for Ore to Shore, then getting a ride back from one of the many that are up there for that. That would still be high on my list but right now I have no list. If I get to go I will leave it to be a pleasant surprise at the time.

Im still pretty confident about the crew I have here in store this summer and I still have hope to tour a little. Again, making such a big deal over that tent I bought last spring and never even opening it up yet is sad.

I might consider riding home tonite, then back again in the morn. Im pretty sure I feel good enough to do so. This morning is the first day without medication since late Saturday. So we’ll see how that go’s.

If I had a job today would be a good day to play hooky.


Wa da ya think?

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