I Was Robbed

I was thinking of this weekend for weeks. My last two and a half day weekend heading into summer. Now ongoing we are open Sundays too.

I knew things were going bad Saturday afternoon when I had a sore throat. I tried to ignore it the rest of the day. There was no ignoring it Sunday. I did get out for a road ride on Sunday. Running a fever and feeling like shit and when I finished that around 2pm on Sunday I went to bed and didnt get up until this morning. Spent all day Monday watching 100 bikes ride by my house. I slept at least 12 hours both Sunday and Monday nites.

Im at the store this moring and for all practical purposes should not be here. Im burning up and it hurts to do anything that needs movement. I was robbed of my two and a half day weekend.


Its not like I wasn’t ready for a big weekend on the bike. I had these guys with me at all times for three days. The weather was perfect. We did get caught in a cloudburst on Sunday but if you didnt get wet at least once this weekend you didnt ride enough. Those storn cells were popping up all over the place. It would rain like crazy for 10 minutes and move on.

Tonite is the stores Tuesday nite MTB ride and I will pop some Ibuprofen and try one lap. One slow lap.

I ended up ditching the Garmin Vivo. After using the chest strap and the vivo at the same time turns out the HR monitor is just not accurate enough not even for me. Even tho I thought it was. And deep down I dont like something on my wrist. I havent had a watch for years and thought I could get used to it but I really hate it and went back to the chest strap for HR.

I also decided the data I was getting just was not that important to me. I guess in the long run I could care less how many steps I take in a day. Sure that info would help someone Im sure. Just not me. But if the HR was as accurate as a strap I think I would have kept it. Or even close. It was off sometimes by 30 beats. I think the way it slipped down my arm when I was riding hard did that. And there’s no way you’re stopping to adjust it when your going hard. Chest straps do not move and it wins. I thought getting my phone notification was a nice touch but I could never read it anyway with the print being too small.

So back in the box it goes. That’s it for now. Hope I can make it thru this day. I do have help here all day.


Wa da ya think?

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