Garmin and Riding

No post yesterday. I rode my bike home from work Tuesday, then back to work Wednesday. I wish I did that more often. I have to leave my car at the store and not the other way around at home. I get asked why I dont ride to work more and really, I need my car during the day to run store errands like to the bank, etc.

So its better for me if I ride home from work, leaving my car here. In the morning, like yesterday, I ride back to the store, throw my backpack behind some bushes and keep on riding for another hour or so. It took me 22 minutes to ride home and only 18 to ride back due to some good tailwind in the morning. I then rode south to the park and got blasted by that headwind on the way back to the store. I averaged 17mph south and 12mph north. All in all a great series of rides.

Since then its been warm are stormy. Downpours roll thru, then the sun comes out awhile before the next downpour. Very spring like.

Not my arm.

I just got the new Garmin Vivosmart HR. I always wanted to check these things out. And since Im a Garmin dealer the time was now. It’s like a Fitbit. Counts steps, stairs and the such. But here is why I waited for this one.

This one transmits my HR to my Garmin Edge 520 on the bike. No more chest strap.  Also, you use Garmin Connect to view the data. The same software Im using now for the Edge 520. So I can now see the data from the Vivo along with the 520 at the same time, on the same screen.

It does all the techy stuff like shows you your texts, email and incoming phone calls. The Edge does that also. But now I could be upstairs in the store and see a text. Of course you can’t send or reply but I can see if its important.

As far as HR. I dont think its as accurate as a strap. Its doesnt follow as closely. If your HR rises rapidly the strap notices the changes quicker although the Vivo will get there eventually81-70cfmszl-_sl1500_. If you’re doing some solid heart rate training you might want to keep the strap but for me its just fine. The most important data I wanted to see was my sleep. It tracks movement and HR while you’re sleeping and gives you an idea how thats going.

Im not sure if this is a thing I will embrace or just try out for awhile. Time will tell.

I never really liked something strapped to my arm. I havent had a watch in 30 years and its only been a few days and Im still not used to it. But I’ll give it a go.

I’ve found out how little I walk. Like four thousand steps a day. Others are doing 10 thousand. So this thing has me walking around the store at times. Taking steps I normally would not have taken. So I guess its doing its job then. Tricking me into more movement.

Again, I normally would not have gotten this thing but since it works along with my Edge 520 kinda made it more useful to me. Let’s see what it does for me long run….



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