Another Weekend Down

13244615_10209450966581402_4450517446822990250_n (1)

I might have hit my MTB limit this weekend. After hitting the trails both Thursday and Friday morn I took Saturday off and slept in. Still, the bike has not left the back of my car in over a week. Also, I am chasing a stubborn creek in the bike somewhere that popped up a week ago.

After going thru the post\seat, then crank and then the headset it is still there. It creaks with or without pedaling. with or without sitting. Im stumped. This week I will pretty much disassemble the bike, clean and re assemble. Not before tomorrow night’s ride tho. Maybe on wednesday.

So on Sunday I planned a trip up to Door County and that was a go right up until 9am when I decided to ditch the four hours total of driving and stay local. So I decided to hit up my favorite State park for an extended visit instead. Then get back home around noon to grab the bike and ride and get back home before 3pm to watch the last stage of The Tour of Cali. And that all went down as planed.

Here is some of the pics I took on that walk Sunday.

Then a quick hour on the bike on the trail of our local city park. I put in my earphones so I didn’t have to listen to the creek. Quite a few bikes were out. After all it is summer now.

Then it was back home to watch the Tour and spend the rest of the Sunday pretty lazy out on the patio. All and all a good weekend.

Today my road shifter should come and I am ready for it. Both in bike and mind. The MTB has done a great job in holding me over but I really wanted to get in some bigger road miles on Sunday. I could have a three day off weekend this upcoming week and Im not sure what to do with it. Of course I have a lot of ideas in my head but some are pretty elaborate.

I start with many and start whittling them down during the week. That process starts today.


Wa da ya think?

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