I’ve done four MTB rides in the last six days. The bike is holding me over just fine until I get my new shifter for the roadie, which should come today from the brown santa. (UPS)

The Farley in 29plus format is doing me just fine. Excellent bike for trail riding. Although I will be looking forward to the Farley EX in Aug.

The weather is wonderful and I think this weekend will be the one. The one where the store is full all day. The one I’ve been waiting for all spring. I’ve been saying that four weeks now.

So no big ride for me in the morning. Im not sure if I’ll tackle the shifter today. But I might. I also have some scheduled maintenance on the MTB today too. Every once in awhile I just disassemble (within reason) clean, relube and retorque. I haven’t done that since its birth late February and its overdue. So thats on my plate today, along with selling stuff. And maybe the shifter?

Sunday Im looking to do something a bit epic. Either road or mountain. Am thinking of a drive up to Door County. Something like that. Im sure I’ll be alone but thats fine. Just getting out of town will be nice.

And Im planning another epic weekend next week for Memorial Day. I have a ton of help on Saturday, and we are closed Sunday and Monday so the door is open for me for a three day ordeal. Tour bike? Will see what’s up.

So besides work, my MTB and sleep thats been about it for me. Im sure I will have a lot to talk about Monday. The weekend weather looks spectacular. Its been forever since I can say that.

As always, get outside and have a good weekend.


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