How glorious is this morning?    Frickin’ glorious.

It got cold last nite again. Frost warnings out so down in the 30’s. But it rebounded pretty quickly and it was 50 degrees before you knew it. At the lake the breeze was still cool but the coffee was hot. The sun put me in a good mood.

Looking at the 10 day. Its sun for the next 5 days including the weekend. I know I’ve said this before but we are less than a week from the beginning of summer. It looks like in a few days it will hit 60 and stay there ongoing. At least for the most part and only during the day but I’ll take it. The spring rush has yet to hit the store and I think this is the latest its been to date for me.


That’s the Canadian Algolake. And she’s way out there. Barely visible to the naked eye. I only knew it was there from the radar.

Last nite was a nice MTB ride. Maybe 10 or so showed and we pretty much scattered due to different skill and fitness levels but it was a fun time. You never really get dropped, you just cut the trail and re join.  I hope to keep this going this summer.

So my road lever shipped this morn but I dont think it will be here by Friday and if it is it won’t show up until after lunch. And if I dont have the time to do it Im not going to rush the job again. I’ve got the left side on and done and will maybe bleed the system today or tomorrow, which ever day I have the most time. Then things will go quick when I get the new right shifter. But Im not going to be in a hurry. That’s what got me in trouble in the first place.

Some people ask me why I just dont have the mechanics here do it. I’ve always taken a little pride in doing my stuff myself and letting the paid mechanics take care of the customers. My thought process is that I still have to pay them and I dont want to have to pay somebody to work on my stuff. And I enjoy and learn when I build all my bikes alone. Sometimes they offer to help on their own time and I still refuse. My bikes are all about me personally. I dont ride them that long compared to a customer so I want to take a little pride in what I ride. Either building the entire bike or taking a boxed bike and changing it up a bit. Like I did with the Domane SLR.

Running the hydro hose and wires internally in the bars will be a nice touch to the Easton EC90 aero bars. I can’t wait to ride it all set up. It will look pretty cool too and make the bike stand out from any other like it.

So I work on my own stuff and just need to make sure I take the time. Not try to fit it in between other stuff.

Tomorrow I will have someone here in the morn and Im headed out again on the MTB. Im trying to convince myself that I dont miss the road bike. But I do a little. And the tour bike too. I guess I do miss the bike Im not riding. I need to rotate thru the bikes on a weekly basis.


Wa da ya think?

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