Looking Forward

I’ve calmed down a lot since yesterday. Just waiting to hear from Shimano on the status of the road shifter needed. Best case scenario is they have the shifter in warranty stock and ship one out. Still, the bike won’t be done by the weekend. Worse case is I wait. I see some distributors show a month out. Just nothing I can do.

Im working on a new wheelset for the Farley. Im thinking of doing a couple of  WORS races this year on the fatbike. And by rule you need a minimum of 3.7 tire or bigger. So 29+ is out. Im thinking I can run 27.5 plus with a 3in tire, and throw on my 3.7 Hodags to race with. So Im looking forrm2611 a nice 27.5 wheel.

Whiskey makes a nice carbon rim. Double wall and easy tubeless.  Add in DT Big Ride hubs and Sapium bladed spokes and I got a nice wheelset for summer racing. 50mm wide.

I’ll sell my current 29+ wheelset then. Besides, that super loud I9 rear hub drives me nuts. Like a swarm of bees behind me. Don’t get me wrong its a super nice hub. Just too loud for my taste.

Im not sure if I would race or not. Maybe later in the summer. At a easier venue thats a bit friendly to Clydesdales. Im now wearing a heart rate strap so maybe things are getting serious?

Tonite is the Tues nite MTB ride and I will be attending. It’s the only bike I have right now and Im going to ride the crap out of it.

UPDATE 1205pm: 

Just talked to Shimano. They are sending me a shifter. They had only two. Also, I successfully set up the left side of the bar. Hydro lines internal in the bar and all back together. Also have the right side internal.  All I need to do is wait for the shifter, put it on and bleed and Im all set. Maybe have a road bike for this weekend! All the stress for nothing. Thats me.


Wa da ya think?

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