MTBing (I guess)

Looks like I have some MTBing to do.

After a short very cold ride on the road bike Saturday morn I grabbed my new handlebar to get it on the bike pronto. In hindsight, doing that work on a Saturday was not a good idea and I hurried thru it as I waited on customers walking in.

I need to learn to slow down. When we removed the hydro fitting from the lever this happened.


And I needed to just sit down ands breathe a bit. I was working on getting my heartrate back down as if I just finished an interval. Stuff like this happened I guess but thats not the worse of it. There’s more.

So I go online to Shimano’s B2B site only to find out this lever is out of stock until July 15th. Are you kidding me! I do have a email in to my inside rep this morning. He could find one that was stocked for warranty. I sure hope so.

So after I calmed down I started to clean up and get the bike out of the stand and I just was looking at the handlebars. Looking at the Bontrager bar I read that it had a 95mm reach. The way I felt on the bike I assumed thats the one I had. So I ordered the Easton bar with 80mm reach. Only to find out I have the Bonty bar with 85mm reach, not 95. So all this was for 5mm, not 15mm like I thought. And now look where I am here. I really did not have to even switch the bars.

Im so pissed at myself I can’t say out loud. I realize the store is busy and I dont have a lot of time to devote to my bikes but really, I need to pay more attention to my stuff.

Because having nice bikes is one of the main perks of owning a bike store. I need to pay more attention to how I handle or say, order my demo stuff.

I guess Im just very frustrated with myself today. One silver lining is that I will be on the MTB a bit more than normal and thats not a bad thing. Sunday I hit up the trails for a good 2 hour ride and some heavy hill work (if you can call it that). Tuesday nite I will hit the local MTB ride too. In fact, I have some strange feeling coming over me to do a race or two this summer. I really feel like heading back to my roots as a MTBer this summer. I rode and raced MTB’s way before I even owned a road bike.

We’ll see about that.


Wa da ya think?

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