Coffee, bench, lake. 845am

Summer has once again reared its ugly head this morning. Sitting at the park at 60 degrees. But do not worry. It will be back in the 40’s tomorrow just like we are used to.

I was mentioning to someone that when I was up north in Hayward during the Fat Bike Birkie it hit 51 degrees on Sunday March 6th as we were leaving. And here we are middle of May here in Sheboygan and it will not hit that tomorrow.

I swear Im going to move someday. I mean it this time! But north or south is the question.

I have my first of what I hope are many nooner rides today. Just a usual hour and a half ride down to the park and back. Ive done that a million times. I should really try for another route sometime but that one is the easiest to do. Less traffic.

And thats possible due to my summer help getting better. Today is the first day Im leaving them alone in the store. Always a nervous day. Im sure it will be fine.

My new handlebar should come today. But I gatta ride so it will have to sit on the shelf until I can get to it. I want to ride tomorrow morn too. So not sure when I’ll have time to route the hydro lines thru it.

This might as well be the weekend post as I will be riding in the morning like I said. Saturday looks like another group ride but I need to cut it short again as I have a 10 bike rental going on and I have to deliver them to a local hotel by noon. First big rental of the summer.

Sunday I hope to get a ride in the woods. We did not get all the rain we were supposed to so the woods should be just fine this weekend. No rain but cool temps.

Time to open the store. Gatta run.  Have a good weekend!


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