Cranes And Stuff


Check out this guy. He was hanging out with a buddy this morn in the park. More on him later.

Yesterday was a all day rain. Not that iIwas in any shape to ride anyway as I had to get a tooth pulled at 8am. All went well but it something like that does slow you down for a day. So it picked a good day for a rainy day. However it rained so much that the woods is in jeopardy for the weekend. With more rain scheduled later today.

So it looks like road riding this weekend. Hope my new handlebar comes in soon. I have some painstaking work ahead. Im going to break the hydro line and route it internally thru the bar. It’s not impossible, just a pain in the ass. I’ve got internal routing available with the Bontrager bar I have now but just didn’t do it. And it looks stupid so I will have to take the time to do it with this bar. If Im lucky I won’t have to re bleed the brakes. If Im unlucky (which is most of the time) I will have to go thru the motions and the new bar installation will take me several hours instead of twenty minutes. So I hope it gets here soon and I can have it ready for the weekend.


Running away. How rude. I saw these guy along a treeline so I drove to the other side of the park and walked up to them. They were not happy to see me. I was hoping they would fly but they just ran. Weird. But they can run pretty damn fast.

So today I gatta tend to a big hole in my mouth and fix a few bikes. Mid week is for getting all the stuff you need done by the weekend. Repairs and re stock the shelves.

Looks like my next riding window will be Friday morn. Again. hope my new bar is on by then.


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