Measure twice.


Not a terrible weekend. The store was busy but the big day was Friday and not Saturday as I predicted. Which goes to show I should stop trying to predict that stuff. It’s unpredictable by ever definition of the word. I even overstaffed the store on Saturday. That’s how sure I was.

But I didn’t let the overstaffing go to waste. Instead of sending someone home I myself went home and  got some home things done. I got the lawnmower out of storage and got the first cut of the grass done and even put up a new mailbox that I have been putting off for almost a year. So productive.

As for riding, Sunday was the best day. I had my MTB home so I rode from the house over to the woods we usually ride in. It’s only a 10 minute road ride to get there. As expected the winds were off the lake and it was colder than it was supposed to be. I froze on the ride over there, then was hot in the woods. No happy medium. But was a good hour and a half flying solo. Pretty sure I was the only one in the woods at that time and I stopped several times just to hang out for awhile and soak up the sun.

As for the riding earlier, I did go with the group Saturday morning, and by myself Friday as I posted. On Saturdays ride I came to a conclusion. And that is my Domane fits me like crap. I guess I didn’t notice it until I got in the road group and needless to say, was dropped like a bag of moldy diapers. I lasted 11 miles before they were out of site. Our route was screwed up due to the high winds and that always hurts me as I always plan ahead when I know where we are going.

And I absolutely felt like crap on the bike. So bad I was wondering where this came from? Everything hurt. From my feet to my neck. Sure some of it was from pretty much my hardest effort to date this spring. But this was way worce and I had to find out what the hell was going on.

When I got back I looked everything over. It was not long before I figured it out.


Once I looked at my cockpit I knew what was going on. When I was building the Domane I put on a 110mm stem. A 56cm usually comes with a 100 and its a bit short so I usually put a 105mm on it. Well, this year the 105’s were sold out and I put a 110 on. No biggie. I’ll suck up that extra 5mm.

But then I looked at my bar to find out the its got a 95mm reach. I usually run 80mm. When I ordered the bars I never checked. Just slapped them on. Sure, it felt weird at first but when you are on a road bike for the first time in spring everything feels weird. It take a while before you figure out its not right. Hell, I felt pretty good on the thing a couple times. At least I thought I did.

So now, Im 10mm longer than stock on the stem, and almost 15mm longer on the bars reach and that add up to a problem.I really need to pay attention when I order this stuff. I spend more time on customers bikes than my own. So the bar and stem is currently being replaced. Im using Easton Products this time. EC90 stem and bar. Back to 105mm and 80mm reach. and that should solve my problem. Measure twice cut (order) once. Im usually doing two things at once and just don’t pay enough attention when Im ordering this stuff. I just need to slow down and pay more attention.

And I will. Bike will be good to go by next weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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