Pending Busy Weekend.


What a awesome morning. I woke and grabbed the phone to see it was already 52 degrees at 7am so I jumped out of bed and got ready to ride as fast as I can. A bowl of cereal for breakfast and off I was. Got to the store and was on the road at 8am. 18 quick miles. Had to stop and take off my knee warmers. And the base layer I wore was too warm too, but I left that on. Sun was out and everyone was in a good mood. Much better than a week ago.

Saw these guys this morn.

Yesterday I just got the new Bontrager Aeolus wheels for the Domane. There was a bit of a wait for the new front hub. The Domane is thru axle and thats nothing new but for the road they ditched the 15 mill front for a 12mil front and back. So I had to wait a month to get the caps to accommodate the new size thru axle in front.

Man, I always said the best upgrade you can do to any bike is a nice wheelset. What a difference from the aluminum stock wheels.It’s no longer a gravel bike but a true road bike now. I can always switch to the stock wheels with the 32c tires on if Im ever going to do some gravel thing. But I just dont see that in the near future. But maybe someday.

With the weather being so awesome Im planning on a big day in the store tomorrow. Including me I will have three people here. Hopefully the extra staff will pay off.

I do plan on a ride in the morning but it looks like rain. If not I will get some more miles in the morning for sure. Sunday is mom’s day and I might run up to Green Bay to visit mine.

If she’s busy I will for sure get more miles as that day seems like the better day for riding. Just have to decide dirt or road.

For the rest of today I’ll be looking out the window at how nice it will be. Wishing I was on a bike ride. I mean another bike ride.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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