Good Day (so far)


While I didn’t get a ride in the the morning yesterday I did get one after work. The pic is by the old swimming hole raft I use as a run up for my cross race in fall.

I believe last night’s ride was the first without any extra clothing on. A milestone in spring. It felt great. Friday its again going to hit 70 degrees.

And now with spring finally here my mind is swimming with possibilities of bike rides and such. I’ll need to slow that down a bit.

Another milestone for me.


My first saltwater ship. A salt water ship is one that has crossed the ocean to get here. Most of the ships I see ( actually all of them up to today) are Great Lakes only. But a few salties sneak in during the summer. One stops in Milwaukee all the time but they travel on the other side of the lake most of the time.

The Federal Isolda is from Cypress. I dont even know where that is.

So its been a good day so far. Lets keep that going shall we.


Wa da ya think?

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