Even Warmer!


Today I had planned a MTB ride. The sun was out and I brought the bike home with me to ride before work. But when I woke up and felt how warm it was I decided that a lake visit was in order. Maybe Im getting too old but I enjoy a slower morning, with some coffee down on the warm beach of Lake Michigan. When I ride in the morning it seems that I get up and am kinda rushed to get in the woods. I just felt like taking it slower today. I had all my bike clothes set out for me but packed it all back away.

The ride this morning would have been spectacular. No longer in the upper 30’s when I got up but a bit over 60 degrees! Over a 20 degree swing from a day ago. But I just wanted to sit in the sun for a bit.

Looking at the 10 day things look real good. 70 degrees Saturday. There will be plenty of riding going on in the near future.


Had the bike with me but it just went along for the ride. I might hit the woods a little after work today. In fact Im planning a Tuesday nite dirt ride all summer. We have so many road rides. One almost every other day all week long but no MTB rides. I will try to change that.

Thought about bringing my gas grill and doing it up after the ride. Bring the store tent to set up. Make this a standing ride all summer long. Anyway, its in the planning stages. But the more I think about it the bigger I want to take it. Time will tell. It sounds like fun.

And I for sure could use more time in the woods.

Also my thoughts have been directed toward the tour bike. Sometime this month Id like to take a weekend away if the new help is up to speed. Right now it looks like the weekend of the 19\20th. I had thought about a quickie up to Marquette or even Hayward but really I think maybe a overnighter on the tour bike is finally in order. After spending so much time and energy setting that bike up last year. And fretting over getting the right camping equipment I ended up not using any of it. In fact I stressed out over what tent to buy last spring, and having found the one I wanted and buying it, its never even been pitched yet.

Basicly out of the box and on to the bike. I rode the 920 this winter after stripping down all the racks and fenders. But I’ve never tour with it yet.

About this time last year I has aspirations of riding around the top of Lake Michigan. I think my problem is that I should have started slower and taken baby steps, like planning a overniter and then maybe a weekend and work my way up.

The last time I toured was a four day trip up to Door County in 2012. I hope I haven’t forgot how to do it. I am getting forgetful in my old age.

But there’s only one way to find out.


Wa da ya think?

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