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I Was Robbed

I was thinking of this weekend for weeks. My last two and a half day weekend heading into summer. Now ongoing we are open Sundays too.

I knew things were going bad Saturday afternoon when I had a sore throat. I tried to ignore it the rest of the day. There was no ignoring it Sunday. I did get out for a road ride on Sunday. Running a fever and feeling like shit and when I finished that around 2pm on Sunday I went to bed and didnt get up until this morning. Spent all day Monday watching 100 bikes ride by my house. I slept at least 12 hours both Sunday and Monday nites.

Im at the store this moring and for all practical purposes should not be here. Im burning up and it hurts to do anything that needs movement. I was robbed of my two and a half day weekend.


Its not like I wasn’t ready for a big weekend on the bike. I had these guys with me at all times for three days. The weather was perfect. We did get caught in a cloudburst on Sunday but if you didnt get wet at least once this weekend you didnt ride enough. Those storn cells were popping up all over the place. It would rain like crazy for 10 minutes and move on.

Tonite is the stores Tuesday nite MTB ride and I will pop some Ibuprofen and try one lap. One slow lap.

I ended up ditching the Garmin Vivo. After using the chest strap and the vivo at the same time turns out the HR monitor is just not accurate enough not even for me. Even tho I thought it was. And deep down I dont like something on my wrist. I havent had a watch for years and thought I could get used to it but I really hate it and went back to the chest strap for HR.

I also decided the data I was getting just was not that important to me. I guess in the long run I could care less how many steps I take in a day. Sure that info would help someone Im sure. Just not me. But if the HR was as accurate as a strap I think I would have kept it. Or even close. It was off sometimes by 30 beats. I think the way it slipped down my arm when I was riding hard did that. And there’s no way you’re stopping to adjust it when your going hard. Chest straps do not move and it wins. I thought getting my phone notification was a nice touch but I could never read it anyway with the print being too small.

So back in the box it goes. That’s it for now. Hope I can make it thru this day. I do have help here all day.


Garmin and Riding

No post yesterday. I rode my bike home from work Tuesday, then back to work Wednesday. I wish I did that more often. I have to leave my car at the store and not the other way around at home. I get asked why I dont ride to work more and really, I need my car during the day to run store errands like to the bank, etc.

So its better for me if I ride home from work, leaving my car here. In the morning, like yesterday, I ride back to the store, throw my backpack behind some bushes and keep on riding for another hour or so. It took me 22 minutes to ride home and only 18 to ride back due to some good tailwind in the morning. I then rode south to the park and got blasted by that headwind on the way back to the store. I averaged 17mph south and 12mph north. All in all a great series of rides.

Since then its been warm are stormy. Downpours roll thru, then the sun comes out awhile before the next downpour. Very spring like.

Not my arm.

I just got the new Garmin Vivosmart HR. I always wanted to check these things out. And since Im a Garmin dealer the time was now. It’s like a Fitbit. Counts steps, stairs and the such. But here is why I waited for this one.

This one transmits my HR to my Garmin Edge 520 on the bike. No more chest strap.  Also, you use Garmin Connect to view the data. The same software Im using now for the Edge 520. So I can now see the data from the Vivo along with the 520 at the same time, on the same screen.

It does all the techy stuff like shows you your texts, email and incoming phone calls. The Edge does that also. But now I could be upstairs in the store and see a text. Of course you can’t send or reply but I can see if its important.

As far as HR. I dont think its as accurate as a strap. Its doesnt follow as closely. If your HR rises rapidly the strap notices the changes quicker although the Vivo will get there eventually81-70cfmszl-_sl1500_. If you’re doing some solid heart rate training you might want to keep the strap but for me its just fine. The most important data I wanted to see was my sleep. It tracks movement and HR while you’re sleeping and gives you an idea how thats going.

Im not sure if this is a thing I will embrace or just try out for awhile. Time will tell.

I never really liked something strapped to my arm. I havent had a watch in 30 years and its only been a few days and Im still not used to it. But I’ll give it a go.

I’ve found out how little I walk. Like four thousand steps a day. Others are doing 10 thousand. So this thing has me walking around the store at times. Taking steps I normally would not have taken. So I guess its doing its job then. Tricking me into more movement.

Again, I normally would not have gotten this thing but since it works along with my Edge 520 kinda made it more useful to me. Let’s see what it does for me long run….



Time To Road Ride


As predicted the shifter came in yesterday and went on like a breeze. Put the shifter on the bar, hooked it up to Shimano’s E-tube  online software. Loading the firmware needed to run the shifter, did a total brake bleed and its ready to go. Things could not have went better.


The reason this all went down is that I wanted to put this bar on and run the hydro lines internal. I have small(ish) hands and the Easton EC90 just feels better to me. Both the reach and drop fits me well. And it looks cool to boot.

One of the issues of running a aero bar is that the bar is not round (obviously) and its tough to add any computer or other mounts on it. Good thing the Bonty stem has a split mount in front so I just mounted the Batfly in the middle of the stem. The computer is off to one side but thats good enough for me. I also have the Di2 A junction mounted on the bottom of the computer mount. Makes the stem look a lot cleaner.

Running the hydro lines thru the bar was kinda a pain. The hose just in not very flexible and was hard to make sharp corners coming out of the bar. But not impossible.

The Shimano shifter\brake\calipers are just great. I broke the line for the front brake and messed with it for quite a while running it thru the bar  and when it got hooked up again I found I didnt even have to bleed it. I did bleed the back brake since the lever was new and that was easy peasy. Done and done.

I haven’t rode the bike since completion but I will soon. I did take the shorter stem off and put the longer one back on but I think with just the bar change it will be much better. If I do deem the 110mm stem too long then its a easy change back to the 100mm. No worries there.


This weekend I had a guy stop in the store asking for me. Saying he reads this blog. That always seems weird to me. I know people read it, I have a counter. Its just weird and nice at the same time to meet one of them. Im sure he will read this and know who he is. I kinda funny but when I meet someone like that the first thing they mention is the pictures\comments on the ships when this is mostly a bike\bike shop\bike riding blog. I dont see them that much anymore as they run on the other side of the lake in summer. So unless I take a trip (which is possible) there will be not much going on in that dept.

Im not a writer but I like to write so this is a hobby for me. Its just relaxing to turn on the computer and type away for awhile. Mostly in the morning before the store opens. Like right now.

Ive been doing this almost every day since 2004. I actually started on Myspace (remember that?), moved to Google’s Blogspot and now WordPress.

Someday I’ll stop. When it feels more like a burden than a hobby. But who knows when that is. Not me.


Another Weekend Down

13244615_10209450966581402_4450517446822990250_n (1)

I might have hit my MTB limit this weekend. After hitting the trails both Thursday and Friday morn I took Saturday off and slept in. Still, the bike has not left the back of my car in over a week. Also, I am chasing a stubborn creek in the bike somewhere that popped up a week ago.

After going thru the post\seat, then crank and then the headset it is still there. It creaks with or without pedaling. with or without sitting. Im stumped. This week I will pretty much disassemble the bike, clean and re assemble. Not before tomorrow night’s ride tho. Maybe on wednesday.

So on Sunday I planned a trip up to Door County and that was a go right up until 9am when I decided to ditch the four hours total of driving and stay local. So I decided to hit up my favorite State park for an extended visit instead. Then get back home around noon to grab the bike and ride and get back home before 3pm to watch the last stage of The Tour of Cali. And that all went down as planed.

Here is some of the pics I took on that walk Sunday.

Then a quick hour on the bike on the trail of our local city park. I put in my earphones so I didn’t have to listen to the creek. Quite a few bikes were out. After all it is summer now.

Then it was back home to watch the Tour and spend the rest of the Sunday pretty lazy out on the patio. All and all a good weekend.

Today my road shifter should come and I am ready for it. Both in bike and mind. The MTB has done a great job in holding me over but I really wanted to get in some bigger road miles on Sunday. I could have a three day off weekend this upcoming week and Im not sure what to do with it. Of course I have a lot of ideas in my head but some are pretty elaborate.

I start with many and start whittling them down during the week. That process starts today.