Post About Nothing

Still not complaining. Even tho its windy and cold. And raining. Again. Or should I say still. Other than that I have nothing.


Really, its all Lake Michigan’s fault. First off,the store is about a block from the shore. And if you look at Sheboygan, we stick out a bit, the shoreline jets out so we get hit head on with the east winds across the cold water. Its a bummer. Temps just 5 miles in are up to 20 degrees warmer. Last week the middle of the State was a full 30 degrees warmer than here.

Yet in the winter all the lake effect snow is on the other side in MI. It’s not fair.

All we can do is sit and wait. About a week from now I see two days with highs of 58. That’s acceptable to me. Just need to plan rides to head and maybe start farther inland.

That’s all I have and for the most part will be all I have until it warms up and I get a ride in. when all I do is wake up, go to work, go home to bed I just dont have the material anymore.


Wa da ya think?

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