Not Complaining.


At 38 degrees this morn I thought a bike ride would be brave. Look at these guys (or gals). That has to be cold.

Really all I could do here is complain about the weather. But I won’t today. I may complain a lot but at some point I catch myself. I’ll say something positive today like the sun was out this morn. And the temps look like they are going up about 3 or 4 degrees a day for the next few days. Of course, when you start at 38 its not as nice as it sounds. Oops, sorry.

We are now just days from May. But it does not feel like it. The weather sure has a lot to do with it but there’s something else I can’t put my finger on. The temps have been about the same since late Feb. I remember the day I left Hayward in early March it was 50 degrees. And now the first days of May look to be the same. Thats nuts. (technically I was not complaining but more like stating a fact). People just get sick of waiting for the warmer weather that they just give up kinda. Thats where Im at today. People just seem so lethargic and walk around like zombies cuz deep down they has accepted this weather. Come to the realization that this is the way it is. People seem sadder. I’ll put a small positive spin on the cold temps.

Actually the cooler temps just make me hit the woods more than the road and thats not a bad thing. Its a good thing. My Farley set up 29+ is a hoot to ride. The hardtail part of it knocks my old body around a bit but its not as harsh with the bigger tires. Im not very fast on it but I dont care. It rides nice and I have fun. Mission accomplished.

Im sure the weather will turn to the better sometime in May. The waiting is the hardest part. I say that a lot.


Wa da ya think?

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