Its been awhile since I posted. Super busy. Yesterday morn I was picking up\delivering bikes and ordering and it was 3pm before I knew it. I dont even have a current picture to put in here so I’ll throw all this at ya.

I sorta kinda miss winter. We didn’t get enough of it. It’s been in the 40’s since February and it remains in the 40’s into May. The summer, fall and winter in Wisconsin is spectacular but the springs here are the worst. They last forever. I can never dress right.

This last Saturday I ditched the group ride to ride the Farley in the woods with a few others. I overdressed and suffered for two hours.

Sunday I wore that same thing and froze my ass off. Rides can vary 20 degrees pretty easy in spring. In fact it can vary that much on the same ride. Sunday it was 50 when I got up so I headed to the store for what I was thinking a 3 hour ride. The weather dudes were calling for temps in the 60’s.  After nearly 30 minutes of dressing I headed out and made a new route from the store to get away from the lake faster in hopes the temps would rise a bit. Long story short, they didn’t, they actually went down and I froze. Then throw in a little rain for the last 5 miles. Pretty much the same clothing I had roasted in the day before now had me freezing. My toes were numb. The ride was less than an hour. Last weekend I got almost 6 hours in, this weekend I did not hit 3.

Today its 38 degrees. Pretty much the average temp in February. A week ago it was 68.  I need to get away from here in March and April (and May). But not sure if I would go north or south. I would love to head north to hang onto winter, bypass spring and jump right into summer. Of course going somewhere warm would be nice too.

But that will never happen as I dont have the lifestyle to support that.

Maybe someday but not today.


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